Garbage Disposal and Grind Stages

Garbage Disposal and Grind Stages


If you consider buying a garbage disposal, you need to find out about their types first. Actually, it will be also useful to know all details regarding garbage disposals work process because purchasing the first model you see on the internet without knowing what it can do is a waste of money.

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All disposals have a grinding option which is essential. While looking for a particular one, you will notice that manufacturers tell you how many grinding stages each disposal has. If you have no idea what is a grinding stage and how it affects the whole process of cleaning, let’s speak about it in this article.

Grinding and its stages show how small your waste becomes before it’s sent to the sewage system.

Usually, there are 3 stages of grinding. Look how do they help to remove the waste from food below:

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Stage 1

Some of the disposals models have got only one stage of grinding. Unfortunately, it will allow you to use the disposal for only some types of waste. Plus you will have to add a lot of water to help the disposal to process, for example, vegetable and fruit skin; otherwise, you will block the pipes.

Such garbage disposals are cheap and are used for a small amount of waste. However, if you search for good device that worth your money, you better look for advanced models.